Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Twitter Feud: Al Roker

Al Roker is not the friendly 
weatherman everyone thinks he is.
The following is an exchange 
we had on twitter.

This is the real Al Roker.
He is really a jerk. 

I was trying to get some show dates,
and he responded by 
calling me a beggar.

New York City comics Steve Loftus and Joey Gay immediately came to my defense, as did Australian comedian Liam McCann.

Even the owner of Stand Up New York 
comedy club, Dani Zoldan chimed in.

If nobody books me, 
I don't get paid. 

He responds by calling me a hack.

The owner of Stand Up New York 
got very interested.

At one point he suggested 
we have a rap battle at his club.

After all the insults seemed over... 
Roker called me fat.

Not only did he insult me, he took jabs 
at standup comedy in general. 

Comedy is a sacred art and comics 
take this art very seriously. 

The world needs to know what 
a jerk this guy is.

 - John Powers

© 2013 - All rights reserved

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