Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charlie Sheen - American Hero

It's finally happened.

South Park "Die Hippie, Die"
The hippies started self-expression
in this country, which led to music
describing the real feelings of teens
through the poems of Morrison and
Cobain alike; finally Eminem created
at atmosphere where anything can be
said and everything must be accepted.

Enter: Charlie Sheen.
Photo courtesy: 20/20
 Major League II kicked ass.
Hot Shots part Deux rocked.
...and 2.5 Men is the hottest
show currently on Jewvision.
(I'm allowed to say that, because I'm black... I mean, Jewish)
"Color-bars" on a cartoon Television
Suddenly we see a man that
just doesn't give a damn.
Nothing is off-limits.
Everything is real.

A crazy-person's idea of "honesty"

It's that honestly that people
are having such a hard time
accepting and understanding.

Just because someone doesn't
fit into the mold of modern
consumarist American norms
doesn't mean they're insane
or on drugs or need help.
A bunch of constipated doctors.

The guy is fine.
He's living with pornstars.
... I think he's doing quite well.
Sheen with his "Goddesses"...
His rant on 20/20 reminded me
of seeing Norm MacDonald at
Caroline's on Broadway
two years ago.
Norm: Blacklisted from every Network on TV...

A guy who doesn't give a fuck
about the game or the ladder...

...or whose ass he's supposed
to kiss to keep his job.
I commend this guy for
saying what he believes,

Even though this is the
5th sign of the apocolypse,
it's worth it to watch
"ordinary people"
get uncomfortable.

- John