Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friend of a Friend...

My old friend Shanté
(she's not that old)
posted the following
article on "Thought Catalog"

This ^ is her.

Please read it.
... then read my response.
(as it appears below)

Strange seeing it from the female perspective.
I've often wondered what girlfriends have meant
when they said that they weren't ready to get serious
or tie themselves into an exclusive relationship just yet.

You're right, men like having the option of "yes" at our disposal.
... but often we dispose of it without ever giving it a fair chance.

There is a movement of young educated people towards
fulfilling one's own desires and finding one's own happiness
before considering getting attached to someone else's...
It's important to be sure you're ready to settle down
before you do so (that's why it's called settling),
but it's also important to share in the warmth
of the trust and comforts of another human.

All too often we focus on the immediate
rewards and lack the patience to see
long-term potentials of opportune
cost materialize. That's the main
reason that people in our age-
range are continuing to put
off long-term commitment
for the instantaneous benefits
of a quickie or a non-substantial
relationship. Why suffer through
the hard times when it's completely
unnecessary at this point in our lives?

Have we learned nothing from the mistakes
of our elders in the premature consummation
of a lack-luster relationship? Forget about your
second marriage... choose your first one just a bit
more carefully, and be sure that it's what will make
you the happiest for as far as you can project into the
future of your life. If nobody you've found can fulfill your
requirements... then wait it out. Time will differentiate the
meaningless from the substantial and you'll be glad you waited.

It is more wise to wait for what we think we want than to settle
for something we know we like but may not love... it is better
to be alone than to be locked into something that doesn't
make you feel completely satisfied in important ways.

Thanks for writing.
You have a way with words, Ms. Cosmé.

There.  I plugged a friend's
article, and got my feelings
out at the same time - cathartic.

Maybe writing a blog on dating
and relationships will help me
the next time I get in one.

- John

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tiger Woods is a Loser

There is currently an argument about
Tiger woods, concerning whether 
or not he will ever win again.

The answer is simple.

Tiger Woods as we knew him
died on November 27th, 2009.

The guy currently posing as
the golfer formally known as
Tiger Woods is a loser.

He knows nothing of being
confident, or resistant to pressure.
His head is a whirlwind of lies,
and the shame of being found out.
He will never be the same.

Golf is a game of extreme focus,
and having confidence in your shots.
This man is the antithesis of focus,
and his shots are nothing like
what they once were...

Tiger Woods will never win again.

Sleeping with cocktail waitresses,
and getting away with it was an 
integral reason why this guy
was so confident.  He no 
longer feels that way.
He was a fraud.
The all-new "Cry-baby Tiger" action figure...  coming soon.

A guy that many looked at as
a Superman is no longer invincible.

He is human.  He is flawed.
... and he will never be the same.

Other golfers used to look at him
and immediately question their
own skills and resources...

Not anymore.

He will never be #1 in the world again.
This guy is barely making the top 10.

Tiger Woods will never win again.

... you can quote me on that.

- John Powers

Sunday, April 3, 2011

... on being a Mets fan

There is currently a huge uproar
over an Audio-guy at SNY airing
a clip from "Family Guy"
in which Stewie says
that being a Mets

I'm not sure what the big deal is.
Firstly, was anyone watching
the post-game show at all?

.. I was at the opening game in Miami,
and the only reason I stayed till the end
was for the fireworks display.

(which was definitely not Grucci, by the way)

Secondly, it's true.
...being a Mets fan is not easy.

Also, this is the most press SNY
has gotten since Joe DeRosa
played the guy with a TV for a head.

(... and this lesser-known commercial)

Think of it this way... at least
Mets fan have something to
talk about other than the
fact that the team sucks,
and the owners are
broke due to a 
pyramid scheme.

As a former employee of SNY,
I can tell you that the crew there
spends more time watching
Family Guy than any show
that airs on SportsNet NY.

 (as do most viewers in their target market)

Maybe this should be an eye-opener.
Instead of being pissed-off, SNY
fat-cats should consider taking
a look at some comedic programming
to distract people from their crappy team.

Let's face it... being a Mets fan is hard.
Almost as hard as it is for Wright, Reyes,
or (why is he on the field?) Beltran to get a hit.

...but we still watch.

Let's go Mets.