Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fourth of July Playlist

My wife and I are having family over to celebrate the 4th of July. I decided to put together a playlist for our iPod Nano, which will be docked outside for our listening pleasure. Before looking at the list below, you should know that I am a patriotic person... to a degree. I'm a believer in the ideals established by the founders of this country. This list was my attempt to have a larger and more comprehensive list than any of those I found online.

Any song in my collection that had the words "July 4th, Freedom, Star, United, America, Country..." all made it on to the list. Some are more patriotic than others, but they all have implications that relate to our country and various opinions of it... Here goes:

American Flag Old Glory July 4th of Freedom United Songs Playlist Music 

All Star -  Smash Mouth
America - Neil Diamond
America - Paul Simon
American Baby - Dave Matthews
American Cliche - Filter
American Eulogy - Green Day
American Gigolo - Weezer
American Girl - Tom Petty
American Girls - Counting Crows
American Girls - Weezer
American Idiot - Green Day
American Idiot - Richard Cheese
American Life - Primus
American Man - Velvet Revolver
American Music - The Hold Steady
American Pie - Don McLean
American Psycho - Eminem & Cypress Hill
American Witch - Rob Zombie
American Woman - The Guess Who
American Woman - Lenny Kravitz
Americana - Offspring
Awakening Americans - Alanis Morissette
Cry Freedom - Dave Matthews
Cumbersome - Seven Mary Three
(off their American Standard album!)
Falling Stars - Serj Tankian
February Stars - Foo Fighters
First Night - The Hold Steady
Flagpole Sitter - Harvey Danger
For God and Country - Smashing Pumpkins
Freedom - Jimi Hendrix
Freedom - Paul McCartney
Freedom - Rage Against the Machine
Geek U.S.A. - Smashing Pumpkins
Hurt - Johnny Cash 
(off his American IV album!)
I'm Afraid of Americans - David Bowie
Last of the American Girls - Green Day
Let Freedom Ring - The Nightwatchman
Living in America - James Brown
Lump - The Presidents of the United States
Omaha - Counting Crows
Peaches - The Presidents of the United States
Road Trippin' - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rockin' in the Free World - Neil Young
Saturday in the Park - Chicago
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
Shooting Star - Puddle of Mudd
Solidarity Forever - The Nightwatchman
Song from an American Movie - Everclear
Star Spangled Banner - Jimi Hendrix
Starz - Smashing Pumpkins
Surf Wax America - Weezer
Swing, Swing - The All-American Rejects
This is Not America - David Bowie
This Land is Your Land -  Counting Crows
This Land is Your Land - The Nightwatchman
United States - Smashing Pumpkins
We're an American Band - Rob Zombie
White America - Eminem
Young American - David Bowie
40oz to Freedom - Sublime
4th of July - Soundgarden

... you're welcome.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mayor de Blasio Bans NYPD Guns

anti-gun mayor bill de blasio jumps high nypd police cops nyc new york killed sharpton obama supporter city laws gay pride hitler nazi salute heil
The Mayor warmly greets the large Jewish population of NYC
In a shocking move late yesterday evening New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio issued an order that New York Police Department officers are to be stripped of their firearms.
The new policy will go into effect the first day of next month and will be a city-wide mandate. It says that officers are no longer authorized to carry guns in public. They are also no longer authorized to receive firearm training. The only place officers may still carry a gun is safely within the walls of the Police Station. Henceforth, the NYPD must use tasers and pepper spray in all situations. In his brief statement, the Mayor expressed that, "... without guns, cops are less likely to shoot anyone." There will be some exceptions to the new anti-gun policy which will include high-profile city events and security detail. The Mayor's own bodyguards will still carry firearms with live rounds.

anti-gun mayor bill de blasio jumps high nypd police cops killed sharpton obama supporter laws nyc new york city west indian day parade
de Blasio being levitated by the power of anti-police sentiment
A long-time opponent of stop and frisk, de Blasio has spoken out against the NYPD on several occasions. The most recent was following the grand jury decision not to indict NYPD officer Daniel Panteleo in the death of Eric Garner. De Blasio said that he and his wife Chirlane McCray had many conversations with their mixed-race son about taking "special care in any encounters he has with the police officers who are there to protect him." The statement was criticized as being antagonistic and aligning with anti-police sentiment expressed by the likes of instigator Rev. Al Sharpton. In that crucial moment in history, the Mayor did not stand up for the people who protect his city. He instead took the side of a man selling counterfeit cigarettes. On December 20, two officers were assassinated in their patrol car. The shooter made it clear this was revenge. The NYPD feels that the Mayor is at least partially responsible for rousing anti-police sentiment. Officers responded by turning their backs on the Mayor during his eulogies of the two police officers. 

anti-gun mayor bill de blasio jumps high nypd police cops nyc new york killed sharpton obama supporter city laws gay pride west indian day parade
Mayor de Blasio showing support for Gay Pride Day
Boston-born Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has been guarded in his responses to these events, obviously because de Blasio appointed him, and is technically his boss. Bratton was quoted (in his thick Boston accent) as saying, "It matters not what your boss decrees, it is your duty to smile and nod until it's time to punch out and go home." The NYPD have not been so guarded, however, with many officers claiming a direct correlation between the actions of the Mayor and the resulting officer deaths. They have also turned their backs on petty crimes that are designed to bring a tax profit to the city. These crimes (summonses, parking violations) are not hurting any humans, and are mostly in place to keep officers busy meeting quotas. The police are still responding as usual to serious, life-threatening situations.

We cannot help but wonder how quick they will be to respond without a firearm.

* Disclaimer: This article is a joke. It is meant for amusement and should in no way be considered an actual report. None of the statements quoted in this article are real (except in paragraph two). De Blasio has not taken officers guns away... yet. The point of this article is to take what is currently happening to the next level as a warning of things to come if serious changes are not made in the very near future. The author has family and friends in the NYPD and has nothing but respect for our men and women in blue. The author has very little respect for politicians.

Here's a music video about NYC... Empire State of Meh

Monday, January 5, 2015

Paul McCartney is Number Two

Sir Paul McCartney Hofner Bass Beatles Number One Hit Hits John Lennon Died 1980 Single Kanye West Only One Solo Wings George Harrison Ringo Star Liverpool Is Biggest Hoax Faul
Here's a list of number one songs written by Paul McCartney...

1963     She Loves You
1964     I Want to Hold Your Hand
1964     Can't Buy Me Love
1964     Love Me Do
1964     A Hard Day's Night
1964     I Feel Fine
1965     Help!
1965     Yesterday
1965     Ticket to Ride
1965     Eight Days a Week
1966     We Can Work it Out
1966     Paperback Writer
1967     Penny Lane
1967     All You Need is Love
1967     Hello Goodbye
1968     Hey Jude
1969     Come Together/Something *
1969     Get Back
1970     Let it Be
1970     The Long and Winding Road/For You Blue *
1971     Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey *
1973     My Love
1974     Band on the Run
1975     Listen to What the Man Said
1976     Silly Love Songs
1978     With a Little Luck
1980     Coming Up
1982     Ebony and Ivory
1983     Say Say Say
* Released as a double A-side single

There you have it.
Paul McCartney's Number 1 hits according to the Billboard Top 100.

The argument can be made that Paul McCartney has not had a number one hit (by himself) since the death of his long-time writing partner. That's not to say that Lennon was instrumental in McCartney's post-Beatles hits. Seven of the songs above (1971-1980) were written by Paul and had nothing to do with John whatsoever... but once John was no longer living, Paul stopped topping the charts.

John Lennon was shot and killed on December 8, 1980. Ebony and Ivory was a number one hit in 1982, but it was written by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder. Say Say Say was a number one hit in 1983, but it was written with a very popular artist at the time named Michael Jackson.

Sir Paul McCartney Hofner Bass Beatles Number One Hit Hits John Lennon Died 1980 Single Kanye West Only One Solo Wings George Harrison Ringo Star Liverpool Is Biggest Hoax Faul Rooftop Session Apple Last Concert
In 2012 McCartney teamed up with one of the biggest names in music, Dave Grohl, to record Cut Me Some Slack. Many Nirvana fans would never have guessed that Paul McCartney would be the next man to front a Dave Grohl/Krist Novoselic band. The song was featured on the Sound City soundtrack and performed live for the 12/12/12 Hurricane Sandy benefit concert. It won a Grammy for Best Rock Song in 2014, but failed to top the charts.

The year is now 2015 and Paul McCartney just released a song with Kanye West, called Only One. It would be an incredible feat if Sir Paul could grab one more number one hit with an icon of modern culture. The song has been described by Kim Kardashian her favorite Kanye song yet, and it is already number one on the UK charts. If Only One hits number one, it would be 32 years between number one hits for Paul McCartney. That would be a historical feat.