Friday, June 4, 2010


So, I've been living in Florida
since January and already people
are wondering why I'm not doing
Standup Comedy every weekend...

I've (only) done three shows
since I've been down here.

Just because I'm more selective with
where and when I will be performing ($)
does not mean that my creative juices (eww)
aren't flowing just as strongly as they ever did.

...there is a new "Music" page to my website!

I've been jamming again,
and working on websites, designs,
and some more animation for all you
lovers of the Monkeys Testing Condoms!

I'm not just lying dormant
on the side of a river
wondering why
comedy in

So don't fret.
Comedy is what I do.
It takes on many forms.
...but I will never stop attempting
to make people laugh at me.

Thank you.
- John