Thursday, August 23, 2012


My latest hashtag... #NobodyCares
that your kid is an honor roll student.
how good those jeans make your ass look.
about anything but themselves.
Thanks for catching the irony, ... but about intellectual humor!
Some chic just posted that.. and I was lmao then I came to twitter just as u posted that.. hahahaha
about the Republican National Convention.
congratulations on wasting so many hours of your life finishing the whole Grand Theft Auto IV story... but
if you have medical insurance.
how many people see these on Facebook because my accounts are linked.
what magazine you contribute to.
LoL, nobody cares about & Monkey Condoms
which McDonalds you're Mayor of.
where you checked in on Foursquare.
oh, lord I feel like I'm dyin'...
how many easy payments it takes to buy your product.
which astrological sign you are.
what 9 out of 10 doctors recommend.
where you're performing this weekend.
if you have the moves like Jagger.
about Flo Rida's whistle, baby.
that I took over their news feed.
about the upcoming election.
about your religious beliefs.
what sport you were captain of in high school.
what your batting average is.
how much you can bench press.
what you do with your genitals.
by August do you mean ever?
Or the rest of the 11 months! ;-)
The only time is when what u drive is
about the Jets... they're going to lose.
that you're drowning.
about your fantasy team.
when your band is playing next.
what your stance on abortion is.
about your kids.
what your SAT score was.