Monday, February 11, 2013


HCompiled this list of #LesserFilms that would not have been 
as popular as the film that we saw in theaters...


The Day Before Tomorrow
The Mediocre Gatsby
The Ending Story
The Two Stooges
Humming in the Rain
Nemo is Not Lost
Star Peace - The Jedi Never Left
Low-Pulp Fiction
Arrive with the Wind
Citizen's Cane
Beauty & the Unattractive Man
The Ranger with a Companion
Sailors of the Caribbean
Edward Normalhands
Monsters Kindergarten
The Munchkin of Oz
Lord of the Ring Fingers
2002 - Space Normalcy
Not Very Loud and Kinda Far Away
The Noise of the Lambs
The Glowing
Schindler's Pad and Pen
Raiders of Noah's Ark
Near the Waterfront
Moulin Eyeshadow
Mr. Smith Stays Away from Washington
Miracle on 33rd Street
My Moderately Average-Sized Mediterranean Culture-Influenced Wedding
Malcolm IX
Inherit the Breeze
White Men Can't Walk
Moderate Expectations
From Here Till Sometime that Won't Last Forever
Sex & the Suburbs
Normal-Temperature Runnings
OT - The On-Terrestrial
Ocean's 10
Unclean Harry
The Dirty 11
The Day the Earth Kept Revolving
Field of Brief Unconsciousness
That Guy Without a Title from Monte Cristo
The Fiddler on the Balcony
Cat on a Warm, Aluminum Roof
The Brunch Club
Boogie Evenings
Living in the Present Time Without a DeLorean
Apollo 10
Les Happiebles
The King and Someone Other Than Me
The Good, the Bad, and the Not Attractive
The 39-Year-Old Virgin
The Pleasant Dream Before Christmas
Mr. Popper's Unhatched Eggs
The Girl with the Meaningless and Unintimidating Tattoo
Home with Other People Present
That Time We Left Pelham 1, 2, 3 Alone
A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Tri-State Area
The Man Who Knew Just Enough
Meet the Extended Family
Off-the-Record Conversation with a Vampire
Sweeney Todd: The Friendly Barber on Fleet Street
Meaningless Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
40 Days and 39 Nights
There's Nothing Special About Mary
How to Lose a Guy in 11 Days
Jack and the Bean
Me, Myself and Nobody Else
Jay & Silent Bob on Strike
Mall Occasional Visitors
Convenience Store Applicants
Casually Pursuing Amy
Half-Marathon Man
An American Werewolf in... America
I Don't Know What You Did Last Summer
Little Shop of Plants that don't eat Steve Martin
Honey, The Kids Are of Normal Proportion
The Mummy Considers Returning, but Decides Not To
Fetuses of the Corn
Girlfriend of Frankenstein
House of 999 Corpses
Injure Bill
From Dusk Till About an Hour Later
Shallow Blue Sea
Saw: 2D
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Madeout with Me
... Normal Activity
Terminator 2: Non-Judgemental Day
Shaun of the Living
Second-to-last Destination
The Cabin in Noplace Scary
Willy Wonka and the Pillow Factory
Lincoln: Vampire Hurter
Indiana Jones & the Temple of Serenity
The Dark Kmorning
Lord of Cat Town
American Pastry
Friday the 12th
Lunch at Bernie's
One Flew Over the Sparrow's Nest
Forrest Chump
House on the Hill That's Not Haunted

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