Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's Recap...


They put a cap on the leak.
They've sealed off the oil that's
been gushing out of the Earth's core
for nearly three months now.

It really begs the question:
Why didn't they have this cap 3 months ago?

Hey, I've got an idea...
How about, when you drill in the ocean,
let's plan that something might go wrong
and have a cap standing by just in case.

It's not rocket science... it's plumbing.
Why wasn't this the first idea that came to mind?
"Well, we've got a cap, but let's let it gush for a bit."
Wake up, oil industry... and put a lid on it.

- John

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Gripe with Off-Shore "Spilling"

They keep calling it a “spill.”
My definition of a spill is when I have
something contained, and the substance
gets out of my container. Exxon was a spill.
There was only so much oil in that tanker…
then it was in the water. It spilled.

What is happening here is more of a… leak.
(see interactive graphic here)

I compare it to a keg being tapped,
…and something goes wrong with
the tap. Now there’s beer flowing
all of the damn place.

…but this is not beer, it’s crude oil.
(and it's not a keg, it's the earth...)

Then I hear they’re measuring the amount
pouring out of this “leak” in barrels…
Has anyone filled a barrel lately?

There’s no way to accurately measure
how much is leaking because there’s
no way to bottle the freakin’ ocean.

This is the worst case human-caused
environmental devastation since
our forefathers dropped the bomb.

* Special thanks to Ryan Doyle for
posting the blog that inspired this
spill vs. leak discussion...