Friday, January 25, 2013


I love sexual puns. This hashtag allowed my mind to think of some really good ones. In no particular order, here's a bunch of tweets on this hashtag...

(see if you can guess what song/band it is, and feel free to add your own below!)

Smells Like Teen Vagina
Heart-Shaped Vagina
Come as Vagina Are
Where Did Vagina Sleep Last Night
Something in the Vagina
Scentless Vagina
Bohemian Vagina
Another One Bites the Vagina
Vagina Will Rock You
Semi-Charmed Vagina
Motorcycle Drive-Vagina
Deep Inside of Vagina
Hey There Vagina
Gimme Some Vagina
Vagina Police
Fairytale of New Vagina
Stairway to Vagina
Your Vagina is Gonna Come
Immigrant Vagina
Over the Vagina and Far Away
Fool in the Vagina
Good Times, Bad Vagina
When the Vagina Breaks
The Vagina Remains the Same
Whole Lotta Vagina
Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Vagina
Wicked Vagina
Where the Vagina Goes
Wet My Vagina
Lady, Your Vagina Brings Me Down
Big Vagina Baby
Lady Vagina Show
Vagina Can't Change Me
Seeking a Vagina for the End of the World
Good Riddance (Vagina of Your Life)
When Vagina Come Around
Bitter Sweet Vagina
Vagina on Parade
Sleep Now in the Vagina
Vaginas of Funk
Take the Vagina Back
Calm Like a Vagina
Killing in the Vagina of
Vagina of the Sun
Molly (Sixteen Vaginas)
Oh! You Pretty Vagina
I'm Afraid of Vaginas
Vagina Stardust
The Man Who Sold the Vagina
Champagne Vagina
Don't Look Back in Vagina
With Vagina Wide Open
Six Feet from the Vagina
What's this Vagina For?
Wynonna's Big Brown Vagina
My Vagina is Mud
Black Hole Vagina
Burden in My Vagina
Blow Up the Outside Vagina
Show Me the Vagina
Baby, I Love Your Vagina
Vagina Like a Hole
The Perfect Vagina
Every Vagina is Exactly the Same
The Vagina That Feeds
March of the Vagina
Old Time Rock n' Vagina
Turn the Vagina
Enter Vagina
Blue Suede Vagina
Only Fools Rush Vagina
Hound Vagina
Unchained Vagina
I Wanna Rock n' Vagina All Night
Vagina State of Mind
Scenes From an Italian Vagina
Hot For Vagina
Crash Into Vagina
Don't Drink the Vagina
Vagina Marching
What Would Vag
Three Little Vaginas
Trenchtown Vagina
Could Vagina be Loved?
If I Had a Million Vaginas
Total Eclipse of the Vagina
Fight for Your Right to Vagina
Pour Some Vagina on Me
(I Can't Get No) Vagina
I Wanna Hold Your Vagina
The Long and Winding Vagina
A Day in the Vagina
Strawberry Vagina Forever
While My Vagina Gently Weeps
Something in the Vagina
Here Comes the Vagina
Hard Vagina Night
Can't Buy Me Vagina
Fixing a Vagina
All Vaginas Must Pass
I've Just Seen a Vagina
You've Got to Hide Your Vagina Away
8 Vaginas a Week
Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Vagina
I Get Vagina with a Little Help from my Friends
All You Need is Vagina
I've Just Seen a Vagina
Mean Vagina Mustard
Please, Please Vagina
You've Lost That Lovin' Vagina
Another Brick in the Vagina
Another Vagina in the Wall pt. 2
Dark Side of the Vagina
Comfortably Vagina
Wish Vagina Were Here
One Man Vagina
Superman's Vagina
Gangnam Vagina
We Won't Get Vagina Again
Vagina, Reign O'er Me
The Vaginas Are Alright
Papa's Got a Brand New Vagina
Dude, Looks Like a Vagina
Walk This Vagina
Livin' on the Vagina
Sweet Vagina
Dream Vagina
Vagina in an Elevator
Sweet Vagina O' Mine
All Along the Vagina
No Woman, No Vagina
Trenchtown Vagina
Three Little Vaginas
Could You be Vagina?
Blowin' in the Vagina
Losing My Vagina
Vagina Hurts
What's the Vagina, Kenneth?
Where is my Vagina?
Here Comes Your Vagina
The End is the Beginning is the Vagina
I Would Do Anything for Vagina
Vagina by the Dashboard Lights
Two Out of Three Ain't Vagina
Vagina on the Run
No More Lonely Vagina
Silly Vagina Songs
Hotel Vagina
Peaceful Easy Vagina
Take Vagina Easy
Vagina That I Used to Know
Under the Vagina
Give Vagina Away
Suck My Vagina
Me and My Vagina
Elderly Vagina Behind the Counter in a Small Town