Monday, December 13, 2010

A Walk in the Park

I went to the dog park with my parents.
We were walking through the woods,
and it let out into this dog paradise.

Suddenly it dawned on me...
People are really out of shape.

They drive their SUVs to the park;
their dogs run laps around them,
free and excited to be loose...

The people stand and watch.

Someone needs to take them
to the nearest "People Park."

There they can run and play
and get some much-needed
cardiovascular exercise...

Last night I had a race with
a pit-bull named Angel.

(my friend Rebecca's rescued dog)

We ran down the beach together,
much like Rocky and Apollo.
I beat her to the finish,
but she beat me back.

It felt nice.
I think she enjoyed it too.
She looked quite happy.


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