Friday, December 31, 2010

Baba Booey Made the Foo

(my friend "Chainsaw" would say:)
The year was 1997.
Rock music was not doing well.

The Foo Fighters were performing
live on the Howard Stern Show.

As the performance begins,
Stern asks Dave Grohl which
song he will be playing.

Dave responds: For All the Cows.
For All the Cows is a mellow rock
song from the first Foo album that
eventually rocks out heavily.

Stern replies: Play one of your hits.

Baba Booey interjects: Play Everlong.

This was the moment that made
the Foo Fighters a bit more than,
"that band with Nirvana's drummer."

That moment of serenity, with a guy
and a guitar... was almost magical.

Howard Stern got goose bumps.

Adam Sandler used a cleaned-up
(no talking before/during) version of this
very live Everlong performance for his
film (that nobody saw), Little Nicky.

It was the reason everyone wanted
to hear acoustic versions of each
popular Foo Fighters song
from then on...

...but it was never the same.

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