Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Notes on Love...

My friend Kendra posted a blog about
a friend of hers that finds and loses a man
in a period of 48 hours of a weekend.

It upsets me that the lady-folk
have certain expectations
and don't tell us
what they

This is how I handle the situation:

...every time I meet a girl I like,
I call her immediately after we part from each other,

just to make sure she get's home alright. 

Then I poke her on Facebook when I get to my place.

A simple smile ": )" text right before I go to sleep

let's her know I'm dreaming of her and only her...

The next day I cook breakfast and wait outside her apartment.

She's a vegetarian, so I use tofu bacon and soy milk.

I found out on her blog that she usually wakes up

around 8am, and goes for a jog around the park.

My running shorts are tight, but it's all worth it...

After she says, "what the hell are you doing here?"

I decide to eat breakfast alone.

She's not a morning person.

The rest of the day I think of the way her hair looks

right after she gets out of the shower, before she

blow-dries it and puts on jeans and a t-shirt to walk

her adorable little Chihuahua-doodle, Mr. Fluffypants.

I call her once an hour and leave voicemails,

just to let her know that I am thinking of her.

She texts me, "i have a bf"

but I know she doesn't...

She's just playing it cool.

That night I see that her friend Kristen

posted on her Facebook wall that they're

going to a bar downtown. How subtle.

She hasn't called back or responded to my

multiple texts, but I know she wants me to

show up at the bar that she's going to...

I hang in the back and watch her and her friends

hit on guys for a few hours, in an obvious attempt

to make me jealous, but it doesn't work,

I know that she's thinking only of me.

Finally I walk up behind her while she gets a drink,

and whisper in her ear, "hello, my love"...
She turns around and lets out a scream (of excitement!),

then says, "what the hell are you doing here?"

How cute, pretending to be surprised...

I hand her the portrait of us in the nude

that I stayed up the whole night before painting.

She likes it so much that she's speechless.
She goes back to the table with her friends,

and I hail a cab... another great night!

Damn, I'm smooth.

 : )


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  2. um....this doesn't actually work, does it?
    -Jill K.

  3. You should know, Jill.
    That's how I won your heart so many years ago.
    (actually, I don't think I texted back then!)


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