Saturday, October 30, 2010


Last night I had a few drinks.
(no surprise there)

Whilst driving home, I spotted
a McDonalds and thought,
"damn, it's been a while,
I should stop there."

Then I made a deal with myself.
'Self,' says I, 'you will not go there
tonight, but you can have it for
lunch tomorrow if you still
feel like you desire it.'

... a pretty solid logic for somone
with a solid buzz going.
I give myself credit.

So today, I stopped there for lunch.
What a terrible idea that was.

McDonalds is only good at 2:30am
when you're drunk enough not to
realize exactly how shitty the
food you're putting into
your mouth really is.

Excuse me, I have to use the restroom.

Ok, I'm back.
Where was I?
Ah yes.

The Evil Empire.

McDonalds is such garbage,
you need to be severely intoxicated
not to realize the nutritional value
of your consumption is equal to
that of not eating a meal at all.
In fact, it's worse.

Not only is there nothing worth
eating at this place, what 
they do have is really
terrible for the body.

Why are these place so popular?!
Oh right... it's cheap and quick.

Damn, convenience... you win again.
(next time I eat it, I'll be wasted)


  1. It sounds like you were having an epiphany and articulating my beliefs about Mickey Ds at the very same time. However, the very last sentence of this blog indicates your willingness to forfeit yourself again to the evil empire in the late night/early morning. Mickey Ds seems to have one up on drugs since Mickey Ds is not only quick and easy, but also cheap as hell (hell is an evil empire). By the way, were you driving home buzzed?

  2. Buzzed? I was a mess.

    Yeah, it's hard not to go there once in a while. I try to limit it to every three months or so. At least that way it's not "typical" and yet my system can still "handle" it... when it needs to.

    You should be aware that all of my convictions are fleeting.

  3. They have pretty good breakfast and fries. But I agree with you about their burgers.

  4. ...yeah, Taco Bell is about the same.
    Sometimes though, you just hear a "bong!"
    and decide to go there in the middle of the day.

    You are forced to drop what you're doing
    and head directly to the nearest Bell.


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