Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mayor de Blasio Bans NYPD Guns

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The Mayor warmly greets the large Jewish population of NYC
In a shocking move late yesterday evening New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio issued an order that New York Police Department officers are to be stripped of their firearms.
The new policy will go into effect the first day of next month and will be a city-wide mandate. It says that officers are no longer authorized to carry guns in public. They are also no longer authorized to receive firearm training. The only place officers may still carry a gun is safely within the walls of the Police Station. Henceforth, the NYPD must use tasers and pepper spray in all situations. In his brief statement, the Mayor expressed that, "... without guns, cops are less likely to shoot anyone." There will be some exceptions to the new anti-gun policy which will include high-profile city events and security detail. The Mayor's own bodyguards will still carry firearms with live rounds.

anti-gun mayor bill de blasio jumps high nypd police cops killed sharpton obama supporter laws nyc new york city west indian day parade
de Blasio being levitated by the power of anti-police sentiment
A long-time opponent of stop and frisk, de Blasio has spoken out against the NYPD on several occasions. The most recent was following the grand jury decision not to indict NYPD officer Daniel Panteleo in the death of Eric Garner. De Blasio said that he and his wife Chirlane McCray had many conversations with their mixed-race son about taking "special care in any encounters he has with the police officers who are there to protect him." The statement was criticized as being antagonistic and aligning with anti-police sentiment expressed by the likes of instigator Rev. Al Sharpton. In that crucial moment in history, the Mayor did not stand up for the people who protect his city. He instead took the side of a man selling counterfeit cigarettes. On December 20, two officers were assassinated in their patrol car. The shooter made it clear this was revenge. The NYPD feels that the Mayor is at least partially responsible for rousing anti-police sentiment. Officers responded by turning their backs on the Mayor during his eulogies of the two police officers. 

anti-gun mayor bill de blasio jumps high nypd police cops nyc new york killed sharpton obama supporter city laws gay pride west indian day parade
Mayor de Blasio showing support for Gay Pride Day
Boston-born Police Commissioner Bill Bratton has been guarded in his responses to these events, obviously because de Blasio appointed him, and is technically his boss. Bratton was quoted (in his thick Boston accent) as saying, "It matters not what your boss decrees, it is your duty to smile and nod until it's time to punch out and go home." The NYPD have not been so guarded, however, with many officers claiming a direct correlation between the actions of the Mayor and the resulting officer deaths. They have also turned their backs on petty crimes that are designed to bring a tax profit to the city. These crimes (summonses, parking violations) are not hurting any humans, and are mostly in place to keep officers busy meeting quotas. The police are still responding as usual to serious, life-threatening situations.

We cannot help but wonder how quick they will be to respond without a firearm.

* Disclaimer: This article is a joke. It is meant for amusement and should in no way be considered an actual report. None of the statements quoted in this article are real (except in paragraph two). De Blasio has not taken officers guns away... yet. The point of this article is to take what is currently happening to the next level as a warning of things to come if serious changes are not made in the very near future. The author has family and friends in the NYPD and has nothing but respect for our men and women in blue. The author has very little respect for politicians.

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