Friday, December 14, 2012

New Hashtag... #TooSoon

So... I thought I'd made some jokes to offend people.
#TooSoon they are:

Tonight I'm gonna wear a John Wilkes-Booth costume to see Lincoln.
I think I'm gonna do some blow with Whitney Houston and Billy Mays...

about the Mets giving David Wright an extension... they're still going to suck.
Tonight I'm gonna dress up as and beat the crap out of Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern.
I'm gonna hire a bunch of actors to portray paparazzi and chase the prince of England's new wife around.

Tonight I'm gonna dress like a spider and scare the crap out of ?
it's been one week since and my life is greatly improved as a result. Best album ever.
Tonight I'm gonna dress like and fly my plane through a flock of birds and then into the Hudson.
Tomorrow I'm going to dress like Aaliyah and go for a flight in a small plane.
Tonight I'm gonna dress as Burgess Meredith and inspire to do things that concern boxing.
Tonight I'm taking to a boxing match.

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