Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why Bother?

Seems like most people today
are too selfish for relationships.

They've carved out what they
consider to be a life that makes
sense to them, and they live it.

When you get involved with
another person, you have to
adjust to their schedule, as
well as their habits and

People don't want to compromise.

Every single female I know
is looking for the same thing.
Some guy on a horse from
a Disney movie they saw
when they were young.

They're 6's and 7's...
...but they all want a 10.

Sorry, lady... you're not
actually a princess.

A long term relationship
is not easy, no matter how
it starts or at what age...

Compromise and respect
go a long way and those
are traits that you don't
hear too often in any
songs on the radio.

Love yourself.
... but be realistic.

Be good to each other.
It comes back around.

- John

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