Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Penny Saved...

A penny saved is a waste of time.
Coinstar takes 9%, but nobody cares.
That's 9 dollars for every hundred.
You can still buy a lot for 9 bucks.
... at least a decent lunch.

Americans are too lazy to give a damn.
They're rather have less money and
more of the things money can buy.

We don't want 100K in the bank,
we want a 30K sports-car to drive.
We don't want to save anything.
We'd rather enjoy life now.

My logic behind this is...
The money looks weird,
and the advertising agencies
have gotten the best of us.

When you were a kid, you could
name the president on the front
of every coin and every bill.

I saw a penny the other day
that had some kind of a shield
on the back of it instead of the
all-so-familiar Lincoln Memorial.

The nickel has been changed
recently as well... I had no idea.
In the 1990's, the 100, 50 and 20
were all given a makeover.

In 2003, the 20 was redesigned again,
and in 2004 there was a new 50.

2006 gave us new 10 dollar bills,
and in 2008, the 5 finally joined
in the redesign party...

Back to the advertising thing...
If we weren't such consumers,
we might still have a few of
these strange looking bills
in a bank somewhere.

We don't want them.

Instead of buying a new iPod,
or re-sodding the grass to out-do
your neighbor... perhaps you
should have saved a bit of
green for that day when
you lost your job.

Advertisements have us beat.
We'd rather have a Bud Light
(America's beer?!  It's Belgian-owned)
than I nice tall glass of water.
(there's probably less carcinigens
in the beer than the water...)

Get rid of the penny.
Redesign the $1 bill.
Keep buying crap you don't need,
and watch how quickly your
money becomes worthless.

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