Friday, April 8, 2011

Tiger Woods is a Loser

There is currently an argument about
Tiger woods, concerning whether 
or not he will ever win again.

The answer is simple.

Tiger Woods as we knew him
died on November 27th, 2009.

The guy currently posing as
the golfer formally known as
Tiger Woods is a loser.

He knows nothing of being
confident, or resistant to pressure.
His head is a whirlwind of lies,
and the shame of being found out.
He will never be the same.

Golf is a game of extreme focus,
and having confidence in your shots.
This man is the antithesis of focus,
and his shots are nothing like
what they once were...

Tiger Woods will never win again.

Sleeping with cocktail waitresses,
and getting away with it was an 
integral reason why this guy
was so confident.  He no 
longer feels that way.
He was a fraud.
The all-new "Cry-baby Tiger" action figure...  coming soon.

A guy that many looked at as
a Superman is no longer invincible.

He is human.  He is flawed.
... and he will never be the same.

Other golfers used to look at him
and immediately question their
own skills and resources...

Not anymore.

He will never be #1 in the world again.
This guy is barely making the top 10.

Tiger Woods will never win again.

... you can quote me on that.

- John Powers


  1. Not that I fully disagree with your entire blog, I find it fasinating that you think one of the greatest skilled golfers can go from the top and never be relavant again. I don't watch golf, think it's boring and a stupid sport. That being said I just don't see how someone can have the skill to be tops in the world and maybe not fully reach back to where he was but just be relavant. What he did is unexcusable and down right moronic. Strictly speaking from a position of golf, he's one of the best golfers in history, there is no way he doesn't at least make another run at something, he was out of the sport for almost 2 years. You just don't become the worlds best golfer on sheer luck. So that being sad he must have some talent, if we can agree on that then you would have to believe that he will be good again in some capasity. America especially loves a come back story and giving people second chances, if michael vick can kill dogs and be forgiven and come back and play football, why not tiger?

  2. The skill is still there, Mr. Critique.
    ... but his brain cannot access it.

    I'm not saying he won't be a decent player,
    just that he'll never be the guy he once was.

    Michael Vick has an entire team around him,
    this guy is alone with his thoughts, and
    when your thoughts are disturbing instead
    of comforting, that's an awfully lonely place.

  3. This is an interesting and cloudy perspective. Mr. Critique is correct. Where do you get off saying that the best possibly ever at the age of 36 will never win again? Say he plays 10 years (once he is healthy)...there are 4 majors per year. That's 40 chances. This is a ridiculous notion.
    What are you, some kind of comedian?

  4. That whole "(once he is healthy)" is a big question mark. My perspective might seem cloudy, but the fact is he hasn't been the same since his fall from grace, and although he knows what winning feels like, it's not easy to have the confidence that it takes to get there again. I'm simply betting that he won't. Ever again.


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