Saturday, August 7, 2010

Scan my Pocket

So, a friend of mine recently told me
that there's a new scam out there
where a criminal can scan
your credit cards by
brushing against
your back

Perhaps that's what you get for being lazy.
Is it too hard to have to swipe the thing?
You just want to hold your card up to
the gas pump or that thing at the
supermarket checkout line...

...well, that's what you get.

I told my friend not to worry about being a victim.
They're probably only targeting people who 
look like they've got lots of money.

Isn't it bad enough that the 
credit cards are ripping us off?
Charging ridiculous interest rates, and subsequently
putting people into permanent dept for 
spending money they don't have...
(isn't that what the banks did?!)

Why should we be held to a standard 
that the federal government isn't held to?
What is our national dept at this point?

Are there any bill collectors knocking
on the front door of the white house?
(perhaps one day there will be)

Hopefully by then I'll know
how to speak Chinese anyhow.

Either way, I'll take the extra two seconds

 - John

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  1. I like how your first paragraph looks like an up-side-down pyramid. Did you do that on purpose?


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