Friday, July 2, 2010

My Gripe with Off-Shore "Spilling"

They keep calling it a “spill.”
My definition of a spill is when I have
something contained, and the substance
gets out of my container. Exxon was a spill.
There was only so much oil in that tanker…
then it was in the water. It spilled.

What is happening here is more of a… leak.
(see interactive graphic here)

I compare it to a keg being tapped,
…and something goes wrong with
the tap. Now there’s beer flowing
all of the damn place.

…but this is not beer, it’s crude oil.
(and it's not a keg, it's the earth...)

Then I hear they’re measuring the amount
pouring out of this “leak” in barrels…
Has anyone filled a barrel lately?

There’s no way to accurately measure
how much is leaking because there’s
no way to bottle the freakin’ ocean.

This is the worst case human-caused
environmental devastation since
our forefathers dropped the bomb.

* Special thanks to Ryan Doyle for
posting the blog that inspired this
spill vs. leak discussion...


  1. if it was leaking beer, at least tourism would be up

  2. That's true... but drunk dolphins are assholes.


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