Saturday, May 22, 2010

Google 30th Anniversary Pac-Man Easter Egg!


So... for Pac-Man's 30th Anniversary,
Google decided to allow visitors to
play this classic game on their home page.

Many people enjoyed this yesterday,
but I'm not sure if they found the Easter Egg.

If you hit "insert coin" the game begins.
When you hit it AGAIN Ms. Pac-Man
shows up, and you can play the game
with two players simultaniously!

Using "WASD" you can control
Ms. Pac-Man while your friend
controls Pac-Man with the arrows.

Thanks Google.
... pretty cool.

- John Powers


  1. How'd you find this Easter egg? And it's not even Easter! Labor day egg? Thx John!

  2. ... it was an accident.
    I was trying to start the game,
    and hit the "insert coin" twice.

    Then I realized Ms. Pac-Man was there,
    and messed around with the keyboard
    until she started moving around...


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